• Dr. Nancy Stanley is an energetic speaker, business coach, and development specialist with a proven track record of over 35 years of experience in business building, leadership, team building, health and wellness promotion and healthy work environment. She promotes and lives servant leadership and goes deep to cultivate a team culture that will lift your organizational lid to succeed and thrive.  Nancy adds value to leaders with experience, passion,intentionality, processes and contagious enthusiasm.

    Nancy started her first business in the 10th grade which she operated throughout her college career at Florida State University. She used these resources to complete her Physical Therapy degree at the Medical College of Georgia.  After successfully operating a lucrative fitness and rehabilitation company, she sold her businesses and partnered with the local hospital to build a 60,000 sq. foot Wellness Facility. During this transition from the private business world to the corporate world, she completed her doctoral studies at Boston University.

    She has been a health and wellness coach, trainer, speaker and most recently the founder of a non-profit free medical, dental and work life ministry for the uninsured in her community.  Her passion is seeing people become the best they can be physically, spiritually and emotionally for the purpose of influencing and leading others.