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Dr Nancy Stanley is an energetic speaker with over 40 years of experience in business building, leadership, team building, health and wellness promotion and healthy work environment. She is a  sought after speaker, gifted in communicating and connecting with large audiences on servant leadership, mindset and health and wellness. Her passion is to increase awareness and influence a shift toward your best healthiest YOU. 

Life/Business and Health Coach

Dr. Nancy Stanley is a Certified John Maxwell Life Coach. She has successfully coached struggling and start up business owners to an awareness of what's possible and provided the accountability for them to reach their goals. A coach is not a guide but a partner to be there to keep you on the path toward the goals and action items you have set for yourself and your business. Nancy also coaches individuals who may be "stuck" and need an outside voice with extensive experience in relationship building, problem solving and vision casting. 

If  you need a mediator... call Nancy and let her be there for the important decisions you are considering or a relationship that needs an outsider's coaching. 

A Health Revival

Nancy created A Health Revival in 2017 to reach people that were searching for a healthy, sustainable way to get healthy and lose weight. She has been very successful and helped over 170 people not only lose weight but get a whole new lifestyle. Meditation, mindset coaching and healthy cooking are just a few of the benefits of this program. Her clients will tell you that this is the best decision they have ever made for them and their family. To have the best life you have to be the best YOU. That is what Nancy is passionate about. Empowering people to have the tools, awareness and coaching support to be the best version of themselves. 



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