• Get Laser Focused!

    Stop living your life by default and start living by design! Having purpose without productivity or productivity without purpose are both undesirable situations. You’re either frustrated because you’re not seeing results or you’re getting lots done but don’t feel fulfilled doing it. You can never sustain a career or a life where you’re not regularly reaching the goals that provide personal meaning to you.

    The Blueprint for Success Workshop will refine your vision and get you laser-focused your purpose. When you keep your passion at the core of what you do, productivity no longer exhausts you. Checking items off your to-do list invigorates your sense of accomplishment and knowing why you do what you do fuels the fire to keep going. Purpose and productivity together give you the mojo to keep continually reaching your highest-value goals


    Would you like to achieve greater success  in your life?
    There is always more to do, be, or have.

    The question comes down to "What is TRUE success for YOU?"

    Join Dr. Nancy Stanley as she interactively guides you through this signature workshop that will let you discover your own unique living breathing plan for success.

    You will hear Nancy describe the goal making strategy of this workshop along with a process to execute and up level your vision.

    Your personal blueprint will also help you gain greater clarity, confidence, and the self-image to live your dream while creating a life of significance.

    Stay tuned for upcoming workshop dates.